4 Cross Crackle

This little 4×4 inch artwork started as a test piece — a trailblazer of color and texture for the large Crackle Cross on Gold.
You can see the pieces here together, on my art table:


I started by covering a little 4×4 inch canvas with Golden crackle paste, then while it was quite fresh I pushed a cross into it and lifted it back out to produce the cross-shaped ridges. There is also a cross-shaped indentation which when dry was ready to have a similar size metal cross nestled into it.



Once the crackle paste was dry and painted to somewhat match the large crackle cross, I used Java colored walnut ink to highlight the raised crosses and give the whole thing an antiqued look, then glued the metal cross into its place. I also glued on a little metal heart with wings charm for a final touch. 😀



This sweet little piece is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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