Fran Lafferty

Java Cup Gift

  When my son and his at-the-time girlfriend moved into a new apartment in August 2015, they soon got a new cat, an all-black beauty they named Java. A few months later, when Java was starting to fill out a bit in late kittenhood, it was time for her lady owner’s birthday, and I had …

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Blue Jay Gift

  This project was a special gift for a friend, obviously made in 2015. I wanted to make something that reflected certain elements of her backyard, where I often pointed out bird species. I started by sketching a blue jay and tracing it in black pen.   Now I tried out my gelatos for the …

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Inset Leaf

  Along with the 5×7 I created in More Texture Practice, I also made this second little 5×7 inch texture canvas using coarse molding paste. For this piece, I used a comb-like plastic clay modeling tool to spread the texture, let it dry, and painted it. I didn’t particularly like a certain part of this …

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The Big R

On June 12th, 2016, after discussing the situation with the vet and family members, I decided it was time to compassionately put to sleep my faithful companion of 12 years, my tiny 6-pound pomeranian dog, Rusty. Ha! It’s been over four months now and as I wrote that just now, my eyes still filled with …

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handheld texture painting 6x6 inch artwork for sale original mixed media acrylic beads embellishments

Two Moon Cross

  I really enjoyed making this piece, and was able to “flow” and be pretty much non-judgemental the whole way through, just letting it be whatever it turned out to be. 😀   I started playing on the canvas with some clear acrylic mediums by Golden. The two round silver “moons” just seemed to fit …

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