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Blue Swirl Random

I constantly keep a sheet of children’s Paint Pad — cheap watercolor paper — taped down to a mat board, for using up extra paint. I suppose I just cannot stand to waste good paint, and I want to put in on something, anything. So this has become part of my everyday system of artmaking. Whether I am mixing fluid paints, watercolor-consistency paint, or paint mixed with an acrylic gel or other medium, I often have just a bit left over, and I simply grab the nearest or best watercolor paper and use it up on that. Perhaps some day I will begin to use these sheets — or cut-up pieces of some of them — in other art. For now, I am slowly amassing quite a stack of these “junk” papers.

color swatches cards use up extra paint

This particular day, I was creating color swatch cards for my Golden fluid acrylic paints. I would brush on some color as-is, then add white and black in varying amounts. This invariably led to extra paint in a variety of shades and tones, so I quickly filled several watercolor “junk” papers. It started to turn out that three or four colors would more or less fill up a sheet with random markings. Here is one I filled up with my leftover blues, purples, and pinks.


Below is a simple slideshow showing each stage of this “junk” piece. Notice how each “layer” comes from a different color. At the end, after allowed to dry, I remove the tape and this leaves quite a nice little white border or “frame” to the piece — just a little more like a real piece of art, lol. 😀


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I wonder what YOU do with extra paint — that little bit left on your palette that is too small an amount to put in a container…???




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