Camo Man

This one may be a little bit too unorthodox to sell in my Etsy store
But let me know if I am wrong…! LOL

Regardless, I had an absolute BLAST with the moss-painting part of this project!! I ADORE the smell of moss, as it brings me back to my native state of Michigan and all my walks in the riverine forests and peat bogs and marshes up there — my “home”!

But Camo Man did not start out as such. At first, he was an ugly duckling, just some molding paste on a background of green, painted over in two colors which I immediately disliked…


I added a few more layers of paint, hoping to improve the look…
(click to view larger)

camoman1b   camoman1c   camoman1d


Then one evening when I was feeling quite down and discouraged, I happened to notice a bag of decorative moss I had purchased recently at Walmart, hoping to use it for SOMETHING because I simply LOVE moss…!!
I figured I didn’t like Camo Man (I had just that evening started calling him that), so I couldn’t hurt him any by playing with some moss on top of him…


And let me tell you, I had a BLAST…! I even went in to tell my husband that I was all cheered up, and that I was now officially insane because I was painting with MOSS! :o>

Well, I didn’t LOVE him after I glued down the moss and gave him a cross “earring”, but I never will forget the sheer DELIGHT I had creating him — or, at least, the “painting with moss” part…!!
AND perhaps the best part is, Camo Man SMELLS so good. To me, he smells like “home”. 😀



Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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