Color Test

It is so difficult to remember sometimes exactly WHICH blue I used for a particular project, which one it is I am looking to use in a current project.
So I decided to make it easy on myself and make some color swatch cards. Problem solved! 😀


I had 30 colors of Golden acrylic paints that I wanted to reference, so one by one I put some of the paint on the top of a white card, then mixed it with a bit of white and a bit of black, and made a little gradient of each color. On the back of each card, I listed the color’s name and other information about it such as whether I used fluid acrylics or heavy body (I didn’t use any high flow or open acrylics in this test), and the Series number, which tells me how expensive that particular color is, for future reference (the higher the number, the more it costs!). 😛


I used up any extra paint making scrap papers, like Blue Swirl Random.

Once all 30 cards were dry, I could put them on a ring and stand it upright, if I like. Now I can find the color I want! 😀


By the way, the cards are just ones I made myself, using cheap canvas paper that I got at my local Walmart. I got both that and the rings in the Walmart children’s art section.


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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