Coral Dreams

Here’s another piece that I strongly disliked, seemed to be unable to make better, yet eventually figured out how to “fix” in such a way that it actually became one of my favorites! A true testament to there being “No Wrong Art”! 😀

I really liked how this one started out. I had been playing around with some metal embellishments on my art table, spread some Golden molding paste in a new way (palette knife more horizontal) on a 5×5 inch square canvas, and set some of the metal pieces into it.
At first, I had spread the molding paste right over the top of the metal “flower” to the left, but I didn’t like how that looked. In cleaning it up and playing around, I discovered a new technique — leaving a sunken border or “moat” around a metal piece. What fun!



I soon found this little moat to be difficult to make look good, if only with the particular paints I chose.
I was aiming for a candy-cane stripe look. This was semi-decent when wet…



… but looked rather junky/ ugly when dry…!



This piece sat forlornly on my art table until the night I played with moss and made Camo Man. I noticed that the red moss looked rather good against the colors of this discarded piece.





But even after I glued down the moss and gave it a nice glossy finish coat, the ugliness of that “moat” could not be denied…!



While taking pics outside on a sunny day, it occurred to me that some Pebeo Fantasy Prisme might look good in the moat…
I added some eggshell white to cover up the hideousness, and balanced it by adding a bit of it in a few other places on the piece.
Finally, once the Pebeo was dry and its honeycomb-like effect fully developed, I rubbed on a touch of gold pan pastel here and there, resealed the piece, and found that I now LOVED it…! Who knew?!



And now the closeup of my little “Coral Dreams” has become somewhat of a mascot for this site…! WOOT! 😉



This unique, one-of-a-kind textured artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the rather lengthy slideshow with extra pics:

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