Crackle Cross on Gold

This is my largest artwork to date, and one half of my greatest moment of bravery: starting TWO large canvases at once, each one being bigger than any I had attempted before.

I had hung two blank white canvases above the fireplace, so they would beckon me to make something.
One was 14×18 inches, the other 16×20. One day I got up the courage, took both of them down, and started making crosses on both of them at once.


This post is about the one on the gold background, so I will back up and start at the beginning…



I started by squirting two tones of golden paint all over the 16 x 20 inch canvas, then spreading it all over gently, purposefully.



When the gold painted background was completely dry, I used a handmade cross stencil to make a cross with Golden crackle paste. Then I made my own crazy flame-like design from the furthest corner, reaching up toward the cross. I thought it looked kinda cool already, even before the crackles formed…



The next day, the crackles were all well formed and the paste was dry, so I painted it with slightly diluted Golden fluid acrylic paint, and let it dry again…



It was much too light, so I painted the edges thoroughly and the whole thing lightly, with Java colored walnut ink, made by Tsukineko.



You can see what a difference that made, and it is almost finished…



To finish it up, I used bronze Shiva Paintstik around the edges and did some other fine-tuning. Here’s some pics of the finished product:





This artwork is currently for sale on Etsy.


Here’s the slideshow — hope you like it! 😀


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