Encaustic Pair

This duo began with a few little drops of 3 different colors of Golden fluid acrylic paint across the tops of 2 different 4×12 inch canvases.
I pulled the paint down with a credit card, spreading and mixing but leaving a little space of white between each pull.
I then went back in with some gold paint mixed with acrylic medium and dabbed it along the columns of white, pulling in color from both sides and spreading color around the outside edges of the canvas.

When the first layers were dry, I went back in with iridescent pearl, stamping it on with rubber, metal, and plastic items (crosses, buttons, etc).

For the final coat, I covered the whole things with acrylic encaustic for a waxy look and feel.

Part of me thinks these look messy, yet another part finds them fascinating.
To me, they have an antique look and feel, and I definitely like the colors and how the acrylic “wax” adds its unique effect.



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Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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