Like the Glow Forest, this piece started life in my early morning waking-up dream mind.
I had been trying to figure out how to incorporate Pebeo Moon paints into my art, and in the morning I woke up dream-creating a fan-shape figure filled with Moon’s special effects. Later that day, I tried to replicate what I had envisioned, using molding paste for the main body of it and clear granular gel on the periphery. I also incorporated some metal embellishments, setting them right into the Golden mediums.


When that was dry, I added some purple and gold paint to the background, creating the “ugly duckling” stage of the work, lol.



Now, I began filling in the recessed areas with Pebeo Moon paints and Golden’s iridescent pearl.



For the finishing touches I added beads, metal feathers and a heart, and more gold textured paint, finally settling on the arrangement below.







This unique one-of-a-kind textured artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the rather lengthy slideshow with extra pics:

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