Fire Glow Cross

Here is the other cross that I began along with the Crackle Cross on Gold.

Using the same handmade stencil as the Crackle Cross, I centered this one on a 14×18 inch blank white canvas and filled it in with Golden molding paste.
I also used the molding paste to create a border of texture reaching inward toward the cross.


While this was still fresh and tacky, I sunk some red costume jewels (a clearance item from Hobby Lobby) into the cross.




Once this had a chance to dry for over 24 hours, I painted it with a mixture of yellow and red Golden fluid acrylic paint, slightly diluted with water.



Before the red and yellow had completely dried, I added Golden high flow iridescent pearl, especially on the cross itself. This is what created the shimmery white areas that you can barely make out here, and can definitely see in the pics below.



Once the whole thing was dried again for a day or so, I painted a thick border along the edges of the cross itself with Speedball Night Glo acrylic ink. Why? Check out how it glows in the dark…!




This one-of-a-kind, glow-in-the-dark artwork is for sale on Etsy.


And here’s the step-by-step slideshow:

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