First Crackle Test

One day I brought home a cheap stack of 8×10 inch matboards from my local Hobby Lobby. I think I paid about $5 USD for 20 or 30 of them, using a coupon. 😀
This gave me a new support to try out, and I had a little fun experimenting to see what they could handle.
I tried some various paints with and without gesso, but they did tend to curl up a bit, although they didn’t ripple and buckle like paper.
So I gave them the ultimate test: Crackle Paste!


You can see a couple matboards with paint on them at the bottom of the above pic.
And you can see that I made the other two into a very simple test, just spreading on crackle paste and doodling crosses into it while wet.
I let it sit overnight to dry and crack, then I painted it with a trio of colors often used for antiquing: turquoise, blue, and walnut brown. I thought this worked pretty well against that orange-red background, and gave them a bit of an aged look. I almost regretted making these on something as disposable as matboard! 😛


This was one of the first — if not THE first time I’d ever used crackle paste. It has since become one of my favorite mediums, and one that my husband has even inquired about several times. He always wants to know if it can be used on furniture, lol. Haven’t performed THAT test yet, however. 😯


Here’s the slideshow:

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If you want to check out the pattern of crackles close up, click one of these:

crackle1c   crackle1d




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