First Texture Square

I started playing around with various Golden mediums on canvas in April 2016.
At that time, I also began to notice that I particularly like square canvases.

Here is the story of one of my very first square texture “paintings”:

I started with a 6 inch square canvas, and had fun spreading and sculpting one half (diagonally) with regular molding paste and the other half with hard molding paste.
It was delightful fun to create these textures using my little plastic clay modeling tool! 🙂

Once it was completely dry, I gave it a first layer of paint. I consider this the ugly duckling phase:



What a change in appearance, when I added a semi-transparent layer of Golden fluid acrylic – iridescent pearl!



This little practice piece is hanging on my art wall, waiting to see if I do anything further with it.
It served its primary purpose, encouraging me in using texture mediums, square canvases, and iridescent pearl paint.
These have all since become some of my favorite elements. 😀


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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