handpainted texture cross art yellow violet turquoise

Four Corner Cross

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
I also think that scarcity can lead to experimentation.

The typical use of Golden’s gessos and grounds are to lay down a very thin layer to add tooth to paper, canvas, wood, or whatever support you are creating your art on.

However, I am rather poor and have been running low on some of my more frequently used texture mediums such as molding pastes and soft gel.
So I experimentated. (Sorry, I just like that word too much to conform. I exercise my right to creative word-making, lol!!) :O>

metal cross on canvas golden acrylic mediums fine pumice gel ground for pastels light molding paste   wet acrylic mediums texture thick golden acrylic mediums fine pumice gel ground for pastels light molding paste cross metal

I had just gotten this cross as a set of 3 of them, shipped to me cheaply from someone on Amazon who lives in China.
It struck me as a centerpiece, so I played with it on a six by six inch square canvas, and in my mind’s eye.
What I came up with is laying down light molding paste in the corners, filled in with acrylic ground for pastels, and overlaid with ribbons of fine pumice gel. I sank the cross and the four round metal pieces into the pumice gel and let the whole thing dry overnight.

dry raw texture cross art piece

I put this pic up on Facebook and DeviantArt and asked for suggestions for colors. There were many good answers, and I think I may just have to make more of these and try out all the color combinations I think MAY look nice.
But several people mentioned turquoise, and that struck me as right.
Still, I could see my favorite “off” color — Diarylide Yellow – in the corners.
Especially because light molding paste absorbs color and so light and bright works best.

cross artwork texture diarylide yellow golden texture mediums

Using my handy-dandy color wheel, I picked out a triad with my yellow-orange at the top.
Then I carefully painted the pastel ground Permanent Violet Dark and the pumice gel Turquoise (Phthalo).
Immediately I fell in love with how the grounds turned the dark colors into rich, leathery texture-color!

diarylide yellow permanent violet dark cross art painting golden acrylics   finished painting turquoise golden acrylic paint cross art

But the yellow now seemed overly bright…!
So I toned it down and highlighted the texture at the same time by rubbing on some haematite color metallic gloss paint by Viva Inka-Gold.

handpainted texture cross art yellow violet turquoise

I’m not 100% certain that I like how it turned out, but I posted it on Etsy anyways.
Besides, I LOVE the texture:

texture cross art metal golden mediums acrylic paint


texture cross metal acrylic paint mediums


Now I hope to eventually create several more of those RAW versions, and paint them all different colors… Stay tuned..! 😀

Here’s the step-by-step slideshow:

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