Four Piece Cross

Even after I had tested my different Golden mediums a few times, it was still very difficult to be brave enough to possibly “waste” the product by committing it to an actual project. I was afraid to play, feeling like all I could produce is “wrong” art. I had to keep reminding myself of the following quote:

“In order to live the creative life, you must lose the fear of being wrong.”
— Joseph Chilton Pearce

One day I made myself sit down and just PLAY. I grabbed a piece of posterboard and just started spreading some texture medium on it. Then I did another in a similar fashion, and repeated the motifs until I had four pieces of posterboard with similar arrangements of texture, so that when I pieced them together, they made a four-piece texture cross. Cool! I had broken through my own mental barrier and had ACTED on my belief that there is NO WRONG ART. 😀



Eventually, I got up the nerve to PAINT my little texture pieces. I had recently purchased this lovely new color of Golden fluid acrylic — dioxazine purple — and I was aching to try it out! So I painted a canvas big enough to fit all four pieces, plus the pieces themselves — right over the texture — with this bold new color. I couldn’t get enough of the gradients formed by the paint as it swirled about the pieces. Purple is definitely my favorite color, after black, lol. 😛
Silly me, I didn’t take a pic of the straight-purple pieces, canvas, or glued-together cross by itself, but here it is on my art table, drying along with some other items. Notice the repeat of my new favorite color throughout the projects, lol.


It turned out soooooo dark (especially where I had spread coarse pumice gel!) that I didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually, I picked a few colors of iridescent Shiva stiks and colored some of the textured areas.


It sat like this (below) for a number of months, as I really didn’t know what to do next.


Finally, after I had used Inka-Gold metallic rubs on several other raised texture projects, it occurred to me that the four crazy swirlies in the center of each of the four parts of the cross (made with light molding paste) could use some platinum Inka-Gold. So now it sits on my art wall like this, waiting to see if I do anything ELSE with it.



Here’s the step by step slideshow with extra pics:

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