Glow Forest

This piece began as one of my early morning waking-up dream pictures — when I linger in the creative zone between unconscious sleep and out-of-bed alertness. I often find myself in “design mode” during these semi-frequent episodes, and I often fairly leap out of bed with an excited determination to create a new artwork, a new digital product, or even a whole new website (I currently have over 20 of those, lol).
On this particular morning, I was picturing a field of green that grew increasingly lighter near the center, as if lit by a sphere from behind. There were shadowy trees in the foreground, receeding toward the back. Eventually, I replicated the picture in my head as best I could on canvas, adding in a couple little squirrels just for fun. 😛


This was one of the first pieces hanging on my art wall, when I first began hanging things up where I could see them — and get them out from underneath papers and art supplies in little storage areas!


It hung up there for a little while until one day when I was experimenting with clay figures painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, and also was tossing around the notion of felt circles as “moons”. Hmmmm… could I make clay moons and make those glow in the dark?


Once I chose some clay embellishments, along with a paper cross and some silver stars, I decided to see if I could imitate the colors in the piece with a yarn cord to frame the whole thing, like I did for the Texture Heart.


That seemed to finish it off nice, along with a special metal cross that arrived just in time, while I was braiding the cord.



This unique artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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