Gold Dusted

This piece started out as some lovely ridged texture surrounding a constellation of metal embellishments that I had played around with until I found a combination that appealed to me.
The texture on top is glass bead gel and beneath is soft gel gloss, both by Golden.
Despite the name, it originally was silver, not gold. Here’s a pic while the acrylic mediums are still wet…



… and then what it looked like completely dry, with a very light wash of some leftover silver paint I had:



Now I added a first layer of paint. This is Golden high flow acrylic paint in permanent violet dark.



Next came indigo, iridescent pearl, and iridescent bronze (which is actually a beautiful antique gold color) — the first two as high flow acrylic paints and the last as fluid acrylic — slightly thicker, as you can see in this pic (the gold):


Once that was completely dry, I added some areas of interest using Pebeo Fantasy Prisme like I did in Coral Dreams, only his time in the pearl violine color. You can see this most clearly in the center of the flower shape (upper right in the pic below) and the hand-shaped figure filling some of the valleys of texture in the upper left quadrant. However, there are other areas of this honeycomb effect paint in the lower half of the piece.


For the final touch, I rubbed gold pan pastel all around the edges of this artwork and in select areas. This emphasized the “gold dusted” look, giving it a bit more coherence. Or at least an attempt at it, lol. I know this is a very BUSY piece. Yet I learned a LOT in making it, just going to show that there is NO WRONG ART…! 😀





This unique one-of-a-kind textured artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the rather lengthy slideshow with extra pics:

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