Golden Mediums

I am pretty loyal to the Golden brand of acrylics. They have a standard of excellence and reliability and variety that I appreciate. I pretty much use Golden exclusively in my recent art, whenever I use acrylic paints and mediums.
Golden offers a huge assortment of texture mediums, and I own the majority of them, although it’s taken me years to collect and test them. Recently, however, I mixed each of 20 different Golden mediums with some opaque teal paint (Golden fluid acrylics), and created a nice thorough reference set for myself.

Here are the 20 Golden mediums up close:
(these are all thoroughly dry)











Now here is a slideshow of first wet (only the first 4 pics), then completely dry mediums during this teal test:

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And just for fun, here’s a little slideshow of some older tests I did, when I had fewer mediums:

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