Hidden Crosses

Can you find all 20 crosses in this painting?
Hint: Four crosses are hiding in the “hill” of texture at the bottom left corner.
You’ll have to look closely at one of the other pics to see those ones. Sorry.


This artwork started as a simple green background that I had painted on a day that I did not feel very creative or “brave” enough to do REAL art, so I just painted a canvas. It turned out to be a lovely, happy green with interesting streaking. I liked it! 😀

On a later and braver day, I added some texture on top of the green using Golden soft gel gloss (clear) and Golden molding paste (opaque).

Here are two sets of pics, the effects wet and dry, further out and close up (click to view larger):

hiddencrosses1a   hiddencrosses1c


hiddencrosses1b   hiddencrosses1d


On yet another day, I painted a little bit over the texture, then put this canvas away, as I had no idea of what to do with it next. I think it sat for a month or two, and then…

I wanted to test out a new stencil I had purchased, with a series of crosses. I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed Golden fluid acrylic paint with Golden regular gel gloss, and applied that over the stencil. I tested it first on a little “junk” piece of canvas board and when that turned out decent, I applied it to this green textured canvas. I even added yet more texture with the leftover green gel, around the edges — and scratched some “hidden” crosses in the texture at the bottom left corner.


I’m not much for bright colors, but when I started to photograph this canvas after the crosses had dried, I found it irresistable! I couldn’t believe how much it changed in different types of lighting — how both the crosses and the background texture and colors either popped or sunk back flat, depending on the angle of the light. I was intrigued!



So I created more crosses, made by applying Golden glass bead gel over a single cross within the same stencil, and hand-shaping them just a bit.
You can see here, the two still-wet crosses. Glass bead gel is clear when dry.
You can also see the big metal cross I’ve added, to complete the twenty and ALMOST completing the artwork.
After this, I just did minor touch-ups and fine tuning.



This one of a kind artwork is for sale on Etsy!


And here’s the step-by-step slideshow featuring more pics than shown above:

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