Inktense Feathers

Last week for my birthday, I got the whole set of 72 Inktense pencils! 😀

I spent a week creating color charts with ALL my watersoluable media (for which I may post later), and finally made one simple palette and two simple “paintings”. The second I am actually still working on, but I wanted to share my very FIRST completed watermedia painting!



First I outlined some feather shapes on a block of 6×8 inch hot press watercolor paper, then carefully chose my palette and tested it on scrap paper. Using both the Derwent Inktense pencils and Derwent Artbars, I loosely filled in the feather shapes and around them, then went back in with a paintbrush dipped in clean water, to activate the colors.

After this was dry, I created a pattern on the background using a simple Crayola marker, in orange.

Next I added thick black outlines around all the feathers using a Paper Mate Flair marker, then added shadows with a Stabilo Marks-all graphite pencil.

I am including TWO slideshows, one for each viewpoint — closeup and further out. This is just because I personally like the smooth transition rather than jumping back and forth in zoom level.


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