Inset Leaf

Along with the 5×7 I created in More Texture Practice, I also made this second little 5×7 inch texture canvas using coarse molding paste.

For this piece, I used a comb-like plastic clay modeling tool to spread the texture, let it dry, and painted it.
I didn’t particularly like a certain part of this one, so I made a little leaf-shape to cover that area, using Extra Heavy Gel/ Molding Paste.

Once that was dry, I painted just the inset leaf, using some of the same colors of Golden fluid acrylic paint.

I used some of the leftover paint from this and the other Texture Practice pieces to make some of those watercolor papers I described in the Blue Swirl Random Paper post. I love how the iridescent pearl shows up in this pic:



Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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