Librarium Gift

My oldest son started a blog of some of his writings (he’s an English major) about 3 months before his birthday and up until he got a paid JOB writing, he added to his blog almost daily. I wanted to both commemorate and encourage his efforts, so I made him a little birthday gift featuring a page from his blog.


Somehow I decided that a 7×14 inch piece would work best. I tried to match some colors from the blog and paint a splotchy background. The above pic shows the first layers, before I added some metallic bronze paint, making it darker and changing this pastel look into something a bit more masculine.


I originally envisioned textured “books” to match his blog background, so I experimented…


I tried using various thicknesses of paintbrush handles to make a “mold” that would simulate books on a shelf. This flat-out did NOT work, as the “mold” just left a mess when pushed into the texture medium. Luckily, I tested it first on “scrap” canvas board. Well, that little “failure” was a good lesson…!



So instead, I just printed out a page from his actual blog and put THAT on the canvas and its painted background.



Then I had another brilliant idea…! I would make a “skin” of the blog pic and add its super-shiny self to the OTHER prepared canvas… Here it is, a second printed piece setting in self-leveling clear gel.
OOOOOOOPs, another FAILURE…!!!
As soon as I tried to move it, hours later, it folded in on itself and was just a sticky MESS fit only for the garbage can. So much for THAT…!

(Insert Here the reminder, “There’s No Wrong Art!”) 😛


So I went back to simple. I added some sticker letters of his initials and found a nice graphic to trace and paint on the other side. I also have darkened the corners and the overall piece using antiquing medium (which is just special paint that acts a bit like a stain, in this case).

Here’s the finished result:



And a comparison with the original canvas:



And a pic of it hanging in his apartment, after I’d sent it to him as a belated birthday gift. 😀


And finally, the step-by-step slideshow:


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