Lil Book

To me, “Art Therapy” involves a whole lot more than simply healing from the past or dealing with ongoing troubles.
Because, in reality, we all have plenty of “issues” that are just part of everyday life — like time management and juggling different roles and responsibilities.
I created this “Lil Book” to record some of the pointers I learn from both the Bible and other sources.



I started by cutting a number of sheets of grey paper, twice as wide as I would like each page, so that the sheets can be folded in half.
I divided these into 3 groups or stacks (signatures) and measured out a piece of sturdy paper slightly longer and wider than the grey papers, and with a spine wide enough to hold all 3 signatures (groups).
I made a template for punching holes out of posterboard, and punched holes using an awl with some discarded cardboard beneath everything to absorb the punching.
I punched holes through all thicknesses of all the papers, tapping lightly on the awl with a hammer.


With a thick needle and pearl cotton, I sewed each signature onto the cover individually.
The pattern is a simple DOWN through the center hole leaving a tail, UP at one end, all the way across the inside and DOWN, back UP in the center from the outside, finishing right where you started and tying securely, catching the center part of the string in the knot by having one end on each side of it when you tie.
You may be tempted to leave this a little loose, but I found it to be best to pull everything quite tight.




Of course, there are many different ways to create mini books, and sooooo many different materials that can be used. I encourage you to explore Google and YouTube to get inspired! 😀


Here’s the step by step slideshow with extra pics:

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I also made a little light green book slightly smaller and not as sturdy, with staggered stitching rows and using graph paper signatures:

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