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This post is all about NO WRONG ART, seeing as I am nearly too embarrassed to share it because I think the results look bad, lol.
Still, I learned some valuable lessons with this project, and that is one of the defining elements of “No Wrong Art”! πŸ˜›

I had seen several “drip paintings” in books and such, and had wanted to try this technique, letting paint just run down an inclined canvas to mingle at will.
AND I had just purchased my first four Golden high flow acrylic paints, so I was eager to use them!
Since I had envisioned the paint dripping down forming all sorts of lovely twirly interactions that more or less completely cover the background (something like the background of Handheld Blues), I painted three 4×12 inch canvases black and affixed removable stickers that read LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH. I figured I could let the paint dry and peel off the stickers, leaving beautiful bold black letters.
The stickers are just the cheap ones you can get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They peel off acrylic paint easily enough, if you don’t rub too hard or leave them on too long.
(click to view larger:)

lhf1a   lhf1c


Look how perfectly pristine those bottles are, compared to these in the pic below — which includes 3 of the same 4 bottles above, plus more that I’ve acquired and used since then…!
AND this gives you a better idea of the fluidity of high flow acrylics, by the way:
(I was actually trying to give each of the colors their own little space on the board, so I could see what each color looks like — OOOOPS! toooooo fluid for that, lol!)



So, back to the Love, Hope, Faith project…
After I had wasted good paint by essentially spilling them downwards over 3 canvases and making a huge mess, I let it dry and it never looked any better. Yuck! πŸ™
Still, I was hopeful and removed the sticker letters using a sharp tool (shown in the pic) to peel up a tiny corner and pull up. I placed these on a sheet of white paper. Sadly, I liked the letters MUCH better than the messy, unappealing canvases!
STILL hopeful, I outlined the letter spaces in white. It didn’t help.



OKAY! So, I have a MESS and some pretty cool letters — but those are stuck to a plain piece of white copy paper…! What to do?! Can I salvage this project??

I decided the overly colorful canvases needed some nearly-as-colorful adornment, so I tried out another product — why not?! πŸ˜›
I made two little butterfly-shaped templates from cardstock and cut out 3 of each size from fabric.
Then I cut open a large ziplock baggie and taped one side to each of two different boxes, to make a waterproof fold (an angle, for drying… read on).
I coated each fabric butterfly in fabric stiffener, removed the excess, and smoothed them onto the plastic so that the center of each was on a fold. I was hoping this would make them dry stiffly at an angle, so that my butterflies could be 3D.
(click to view larger, as always)

lhf1f   lhf1g

It worked! πŸ˜€ (click… you know πŸ™‚


I still did not like the ugly canvases, and I tried to improve them by first sewing (didn’t work well!), then gluing on some pearly white beads within the letters. I liked the beads way better than the canvas, and I may very well take the butterflies off and paint over the entire canvases, leaving the beads as raised texture.

I still really liked those sticker letters, though! I glued the plain white paper onto a canvas board and tested out yet another little technique: First I added some color to the background, but then I spread glass bead gel around the letters and sprinkled tiny seed beads into it. This makes for a GREAT size comparison! If you are familiar with seed beads, you will be able to get a good idea of the size of the beads in the glass bead gel by looking at this pic (I think these are size 11/0):



Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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