Man Cave

It’s kinda funny sometimes, how pieces get their elements, often growing in tangent with another piece.
This one began while I was just playing around with metal embellishments — at the same time as for Gold Dusted.
I really liked this leaf shield (which I got on clearance at Michael’s) and wanted to use it. I thought it would go well with a crackle texture, so I spread Golden crackle paste on a 5×5 inch square canvas and embedded the leaf shield and three gears within it. Being the bottom of the container AND a bit chilly in the house, it took a solid 2 days for it to complete its crackling. Here’s the before and after:
(click to view larger)

mancave1a   mancave1e


I had recently acquired a special promotional set of Ampersand boards and Golden high flow acrylic paints from DickBlick online, and wanted to try the two colors included in the set together in one piece.
I already had indigo, but how would it look with green gold? I gave it a try and decided I loved it! I also added my favorite, iridescent pearl. Here they are, still wet:



I liked this piece just how it was after the first layer of paint, so I simply spray-sealed it and declared it DONE! 😀





This unique one-of-a-kind textured artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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