More Texture Practice

Continuing in the vein of my First Texture Square, I continued to practice with Golden texture mediums, this time using Extra Heavy Gel/ Molding Paste on a 5×7 inch canvas that I had pre-painted using leftovers.



That was fun, so I continued to experiment, making 3 more textured canvases:
A 4×5 inch with heavy gel matte, high solid gel, and regular gel semi-gloss.
A 4×5 inch with soft gel gloss, molding paste, and soft gel matte.
A 4 inch square with regular molding paste and light molding paste.


Once these were dry, I added color in the same way as the First Texture Square, once again finishing with a top coat of iridescent pearl.


These texture samples are all hanging there on my art wall, waiting to see if I will do anything more to them or just use them for reference. It was interesting to see how each of the different texture mediums behaved both wet and dry, with and without paint on top.

I learned my lesson with overdoing the iridescent pearl a bit, however. Live and learn — there’s NO WRONG ART! 😀


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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