Nu Ren (Woman)

I enjoy both art and language, so it was natural for me to try my hand at one of the script languages of the orient. Since my son Jon had picked Japanese years ago, I decided upon Chinese for myself. After just a bit of time spent practicing some of the more common characters, a series of them found their way into my art making. I sculpted a giant nu ren on a 12×16 inch canvas using molding paste, and framed it with crackle paste. This created the white textured canvas below.


Wanting to mimic some of the traditional colors of Chinese brush painting, I painted the first layers in earthy jade greens and soft black.
Then, just because I enjoy such details, I painted the ridges of the nu ren in glow-in-the-dark acrylic ink. See the second pic, how it glows! 🙂
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nuren1c   nuren1d


Nǚ rén = woman in Chinese, so I painted the similar words for mother (the characters at the top) and daughter (the characters to the left).
Still trying to imitate traditional Chinese brush painting, I used bold magenta pinks and white to make floral embellishments in select areas of the painting.
Here’s the finished result – my personal artistic celebration of women, mothers, and daughters! 😀



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Here’s the step by step slideshow with extra pics:

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