Pastels on Black

I wanted to share what happens when you color or write with pastel pencils (and a few other key items) on black paper.

The paper is nothing special, just a cheap drawing pad from my local Michael’s.
(click to view larger)


And the pastel pencils are a variety of types and colors.
I actually ordered 2 or 3 each of 6 different brands of pastel pencils online from DickBlick, over the course of a year or so, to determine which I liked best.
I found that my overall favorite is probably the Stabilos, followed by the Derwents. However, Contés have the best coverage if you can put up with the dust and Caran d’Aches are lovely, if you can put up with the price, lol. The Cretacolors are excellent, but seem a bit more difficult to sharpen. The Faber-Castells are pretty good overall, no strong feelings either way for them, personally.


Here’s another cutsie little sketch using pastel pencils on black:


And a couple more tests of color, for good measure: (click to view larger)

pastelsblack1b   pastelsblack1a


For comparison, here is one type of OIL pastel on the same black paper. This is just a little doodle using Cray-Pas Expressionists (click to view larger).



Finally, here is a page comparing a white Gelly Roll pen, a silver Gelly Roll pen, and a thicker silver Sharpie marker. There’s also a little test of some blending chalks here.



Just in case you are wondering, I will mention that regular colored pencils do NOT show up well on black paper, with the exception of a few light colors. If you are going to try that, I highly recommend using Derwent Coloursoft pencils, because they are slightly softer and more pastel-like in consistency than other colored pencil brands. In fact, they are my favorite of ALL the colored pencil brands that I’ve tried (about a dozen varieties). Still, nothing beats pastels on black paper, when comparing any pencils. If you disagree, I’d love to hear what you use, and see some pics! 😀


Here’s the slideshow with a couple extra pics:

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