Something Fishy

This is probably my absolute favorite piece I’ve made so far, partly because it seemed to just come out of nowhere, morphing from a piece of scrap that was just meant to use up leftover paint (like my scrap papers), to a practice piece using a new painting technique, and finally to a fun and whimsical little happy piece incorporating the texture of metal beads and other embellishments. It tickles me just to see the pics! 😀

It started with some leftover gold texture from the larger piece, Fanfare.


Right away, I admired the gold color against the bright white, and once it dried the texture of the soft gel felt nice and silky smooth.



Let me say that at no point did I ever INTEND to make something fish-like, LOL!
Still, a day or two after the gold texture dried, I painted the background in “water colors” — blues and turquoise (with a little more gold).
Then I began to experiment with adding some little embellishments.
At first, I had somewhat decided on this plastic heart bead…


But of course I eventually decided on the little flourish which really ended up making this “Something Fishy”.



Only a week or so after I had completely finished this piece and hung it on my art wall, did I decide it really did kinda look like a fish. Somehow, that made it even more endearing, and I liked it just that much more. I decided I just couldn’t sell it to a stranger, so I sent it as a gift to my youngest son who is in the air force. He has a wonderful sense of humor so I thought he might just enjoy it. 😛


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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