Gold Dusted

  This piece started out as some lovely ridged texture surrounding a constellation of metal embellishments that I had played around with until I found a combination that appealed to me.   The texture on top is glass bead gel and beneath is soft gel gloss, both by Golden.   Despite the name, it originally …

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Coral Dreams

  Here’s another piece that I strongly disliked, seemed to be unable to make better, yet eventually figured out how to “fix” in such a way that it actually became one of my favorites! A true testament to there being “No Wrong Art”! 😀   I really liked how this one started out. I had …

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Three Crosses

  This piece is one of my favorites, especially because it was extremely intuitive. No step was thought out in advance; it all just “flowed”.   It began as a little paint doodle, if there is such a thing:   That black stuff is micaceous iron oxide — it feels like fine sandpaper. Awesome — …

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