Testing the Crackle

After creating several small-scale practice canvases with Golden texture mediums, I combined one of these with crackle paste and also created one using the crackle paste by itself.

These two pieces use lighter colors, but I learned from this experiment that even darker paint lightens considerably when used over unsealed crackle paste, even when dried for several days. Crackle paste is very porous, soaking up the paint and drawing it down into its wonderful cracks. This is an awesome medium to use, and I highly recommend experimenting with it!

Once again, I used the leftover paint to make one of my handy watercolor papers for possible future use. 🙂



Like their cousins from the First Texture Square, More Texture Practice, and Inset Leaf, these two pieces are hanging on my art wall, awaiting their fate. They may all just stay as they are indefinitely, serving the purpose of materials reference, or one or more may catch my eye one day and become something new. But no matter what, there’s NO WRONG ART. 😛


Here’s the slideshow:

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