Three Crosses

This piece is one of my favorites, especially because it was extremely intuitive. No step was thought out in advance; it all just “flowed”.

It began as a little paint doodle, if there is such a thing:


That black stuff is micaceous iron oxide — it feels like fine sandpaper. Awesome — I love texture! :O>


I liked certain parts more than others, so I added some texture around my favorite areas.
This is a clear gel medium — white when wet, clear when dry. However, I have painted silver fluid acrylics on top of the dry texture in the second pic:
(click to view larger)

8x83crosses1f   8x83crosses1g

Next it received the addition of its namesake: 3 crosses. The two texture crosses are glass bead gel — again white when wet, clear when dry.

8x83crosses1i   8x83crosses1j

Finally, it received its last bits of paint: blue and gold. This pic shows it still wet.



This unique one-of-a-kind artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the slideshow with extra pics:

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