Three Wheeler

This was one of my first four artworks in which I sank metal embellishments into wet medium, along with Fanfare and two others that I have not yet finished.

Here’s what it looked like wet, then dry:





That’s soft gel gloss in the center with the gears sunk in, and my favorite medium (at the moment), clear granular gel, on the top and bottom.
The gears I ordered from I specifically chose one with 3 spokes, one with 4 spokes, and one with 5 spokes for this project. 😛


Now I painted all but the central part with turquoise and purple, leaving the center with only some iridescent pearl, which is translucent and almost transparent, as you can see below.



Now I added some of the same gold and ebony Pebeo Moon paints that I had just used in creating Fanfare.
This pic actually shows the Pebeo still wet:


For the finishing touch, I added a little winged heart charm and a little touch of Inka Gold for highlights.



This one-of-a-kind artwork is for sale on Etsy!


Here’s the rather lengthy slideshow with extra pics:

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